Mistress Gaia – October Surprise

Its Halloween and I have a nice surprise in store for my slave. I put him in a Zentai suit, then a stocking mask over his head. To make sure he cant hear or see, I tightly tie his head with vetwrap. This is utterly taut and causes my slave much discomfort as he now has scensory depravation. I then truss his arms and feet to my cross and leave him there for a long time until Im ready. As I come in the dungeon space again, I see he has been restless by attempting to cope with his taut restrain bondage. To begin, I have a beautiful pair of spandex gloves that I slip on. Im going to use them to make sure my slave suffers even more. I begin by using arm over moutth throttle. He cant breathe as I tighten my spandex forearms completely over his mouth. His muffled attempts to get air are futile. I have some more fun tightening and relaxing my hands as he helplessly gasps for air. He begs me to stop, that only makes his situation more inevitable. I get my black latex sheet and thow it over his already tightly bound head. He feels its weight and helplessly squirms underneath. I quickly pull the latex tight and watch him struggle to get his hands free. Of course he cant and the tight latex becomes one with his already bound head and face his gasping for aire becomes desparate. As I alone have full control of his breathing, Its so good to watch him struggle. I relentlessly continue to smother and suffocate him. As his suffocating pleas for mercy go unoticed. All he will remember is his October surprise at the hands of Mistress .