Mistress Gaia – Orgasmic Flakes

Today I have a very fortunate slave, he is going to be treated to a appetizing mouthhole. Wearing a neck corset and leash, I have him on his knees as I lead him to my throne. Very first I want to see some obedience from my bitch, as I permit him to idolize and slurp my footwear. He has to be subservient and earn his treat. I then tell him to change position and lie on his back beneath my feet. I want to be comfortable, and tell him he must remain still for me. I have a new pedicure razor, and I explain to my slut that Im going to perform my pedicure over him, and hes going to enjoy it. I order him to open his mouth, and I begin to shave my beautiful feet. My skin falls into his mouth and he has to swallow all of it. Finally, I give him some incentive as I place my heel into his mouth and allow my bitch to lick the last dregs of my delicious orgasmic .