Mistress Gaia – Pain Games

Today at DungeonRoma I have a treat for all of you. I have had my bitch of a slave tightly tied on the bed for a long time. As you can see I have her in a very tense position. With her arms trussed, and hes gams raised and also tightly trussed in chains. Theres no escape, I have finish control over her and will love making her suffer. With her booty nice placed I begin taunting her, I have my cane to mitt and give her some good whacks to warm thing up. Shes making a lot of noise, so I get a ball gag and tie it tightly around her mouth to shut her up. Much I laugh as her sobs have now become muffled gasps for air. Im wearing a huge strapon, and its time to really go to work on my bitches ass. I shove it in and begin to give her a good fucking. She can only gargle and gasp as my monster opens her ass wider and wider. I almost forgot I still have my cane, so I continue with her painful ass fucking while giving her some lashes. Its nice to see those purple welts appearing as my bitch suffers more and more. I then take off the strapon and begin to fuck her using the large cock with my hand, stuffing it as far up her sorry ass as it will go. I finally leave her on the bed, tightly bound with her huge cock jammed in her ass. Im sure my bitch has enjoyed all the pleasure of my pain .