Mistress Gaia – Pantyhose Ass Smother

From our combination library. This is a superb dual dose of pantyhose facesitting and strangling. A TREAT for all pantyhose Part I have just returned from an evening out. My slave has been waiting for me to comeback. I left him strapped on the floor and now I want to have some joy. As I sit on his face, I stroke my beautifull silky pantyhose. I can see hes gagging to have the feel of them on his skin. Im also wearing a beautiful pair of leather gloves. As I sit on him he embarks to truggle, and I cover his face with my leather clad palms. He cant breathe as I press the leather nice and taut on his face. I then give him the luxury of my beautifull butt. As I sit on his face and make sure he has no air. Theres something about silky pantyhose the just seem to make breathing very difficult. Its amusing to hear him funk as his muffled attempts to beg for air are overlooked. Hes such a fortunate slave to be suffocated under the beautiful ass of Mistress Part You are under my perfect ass with your head and face inside my beautiful black pantyhose. Breathing is not a option as you squirm and suffer while I have you trapped under my beautiful ass in my breathtaking pantyhose prison. Breath in for me Mistress .