Mistress Gaia – Pantyhose Latex Fantasy

You are in my dungeon space, and I have you at the foot of my throne strapped on a chair. I have pulled a silk stocking mask over you head. Its very taut, and you can hardly breathe. I do like that silky glitter, as IT becomes a 2nd skin around your head, and distorts you face. Im wearing one of my favourite garments for the occasion. A little nylon black all in one, along with beautiful silky shiny pantyhose, and a pair of leather boots. To make sure you dont get too comfy, Im going to slip on a pair of truly tight shiny black latex gloves. You are really going to suffer for me. I can see your anxious, as you hear the unique sound of the latex as I pull it tight over my fingers and hands. You want to escape, but your too weak to fight the situation you now find yourself in. After all, its your ultimate dream to live the final fantasy, of being smothered, and suffocated in latex by the superior and beautiful Mistress .