Mistress Gaia – Pins Needles Pain

Once again myself and miss Foxx, have our slave at our grace. We are going to have some joy with her. She is in the chair with her arms roped behind her head. With a taut spandex bondage mask also over her head, to make sure she sweats a bit. We begin with some taunting and face spanking. Its not too long before our bitch gets heated up under her spandex bondage mask. Shes making a lot of noise, so I give her some hand over mouth smother to shut her up. While miss Foxx continues to give her a good slapping. Our slave thinks shes able to withstand our punishing slaps. However, we have another little surprise in store for her. We have nice needles in our hair that we are going to put to good use on our slut. As we pull them out of our hair to show her. She knows shes going to feel some pain. Taking turns, we poke and puncture her breasts and nipples with our needles. She squirms and screams for us to stop. It has no effect, as we continue to enjoy making her suffer. The day is early yet. We are going to make sure our slave is put to good use. For our amusement, she wil continue to suffer under the boots of miss Foxx and Mistress .