Mistress Gaia – Pony Party

Once again here DungeonRoma, Im with my mistress friends. Were in superb spirits, and we thought we would have some joy with our slaves. Our ponyboys are going to receive some basic pony training, and we will see whos going to become part of our stable. With them saddled up and ready to go, we take them round in a circle and get them neighing. Of course Im there with my whip to make sure our ponyboys behave and put in a good spectacle. If they will be penalized. Their little arses will be the target of my whip, along with the rage of my friends and their railing crops. Unluckily for our ponys, we all decide to punish them anyway. We get our ponys on their knees, and give all their asses a good whipping. We are having a blast, as we enjoy making our ponyboys suffer. Of course, for all of us its been a great little pony .