Mistress Gaia – Ponyboy Whipping

I have my ponyboy at the foot of my throne, hes one of the best in my stable. However, I have determined to give him some extra training just to keep him in trim. I also have my dressage whip that Im going to use on him. With him on his knees and at the ready, I place the bit in his mouth and were good to go. Very first off I want him to feel the ache of my whip, so I keep him on his knees and give him a few lashes. He attempts to stir, so I stand on his arms so he cant escape my whip. Then its time to give him some exercise. I get on his back and order him to take me in a circle, he has to do at least ten. As we progress, he attempts to cheat by making the circles smaller. What a bitch, I proceed to use my whip on him to make sure he obeys my instructions. After completing my railing on his back, I order him over to my throne. He has to show appreciation for his training by licking my beautiful leather boots. Of course, I continue to make him suffer as my stinging lashes to his back produce the autograph of Mistress .