Mistress Gaia – Rocky Horse Ponygirl

Today Im in the Golden Whip Basement in Milan, I was speaking with one of my mistress friends about a movie shoot we are undertaking. One of our slaves overheard our conversation and said she had never experienced it, and asked if she could be considered. After penalizing her for her eavesdropping, I determined to put her to the test to see if she would be suitable to inject the training for our stable doll's. Because she has not been initiated, its difficult getting her to obey elementary instructions. I have my railing crop to hand, and this allows me to give her some incentive to pay attention. I get her saddled up and begin putting her through some elementary training. As expected, shes rather clumsy and confused. However, with the use of my stiff riding crop I soon get her to take me around. After some introductory training, Im not too sure whether my bitch make the grade. Perhaps shes more suited to becoming more of a Rocky Horse Ponygirl?