Mistress Gaia – Sadistic Choking For Pleasure

Im going to have joy with this bitch of a slave. I have him corded and on his knees at the foot of my throne. He refused to do what I told him and thinks he can reaction me back. Not so!! Im going to shut him up and make sure he understand his place. He will learn to keep his mouth shut and obey me. Very first I get him to eat my footwear and gulp my stiletto high-heeled slippers. I want to see that tongue performing well. Then I remove my shoes, and he has the luxury of licking my beautiful feet before I begin to give him his punishment. With his mouth open I begin to give him a extreme footgagging. As he chokes and gargles for breath, I relentlessly put my foot to the back of his throat. My bitch truggles and chokes with his head and neck pressed back, as I pleasure myself with his pain. His muffled pleass for mercy go unoticed, as I continue with my sadistic choking for .