Mistress Gaia – Sadistic Ecstasy

Custom-built REQUEST - Mistress is sitting at the desk wearing an elegant black dress and sexy sandals that leave the foot very exposed, her pummels are lacquered in a very intense crimson or black, the camera frames her feet, then she puts them on the desk and orders the slave to come and eliminate her footwear. The slave is in rapture and stares at your feet excitedly and mistress says Do you like my size 41 you lousy worm? I will use them to crush your chisel and ballsack. Then you order him to lie down at your feet, and you begin a violent footgagging that the slave has never had before. As you stick one foot in his mouth then the other with both toes widening his mouth like a frog. Now with one foot in his mouth, and the other on his ball sack touching them badly. Then its time to start trampling, with your feet you remove his pants and trample on his cock and balls without mercy. After a while of trampling, you then decide its time for him to really suffer. As you stand him up and begin to kick his balls from the front and rear. As he eventually falls to his knees, he thinks he can have some relief. Not You continue to kick his hanging fruit while he is on the floor. Finally, you decide to allow him some privilege and give him a footjob. Using you beautiful feet you caress his cock making him squeal in sadistic .