Mistress Gaia – Sadistic Pain Game

Today, Im joined by one of my beautiful mistress friends. We have two slaves that are going to give us fine pleasure. As a continuation of their training we prepare them for a ballbusting competition. We have instructed our slaves that it is very significant that they remain on their feet. We begin with a brief warm up, and our bitches are displaying signs of being fairly good at receiving some agony. Of course, we are about to switch that. With both of us switching places, we budge from one slave to the other. I also have my railing whip to mitt, and I give them some stinging lashes to add some incentive. With our sluts squealing in pain, we continue to pulverize their balls from both front and rear. It looks like we are going to have a winner. One of them eventually falls exhausted to the floor, what a wimpy fucker to spoil our fun. We get him to kiss our boots and tell him to crawl to his corner. The other one thinks hes a winner. Not We give him another session of hard kicks before ordering him to lay over the whipping bench and remain there. We are both going to a well earned lunch break. When we return his training will resume with another sadistic pain game. Squeal for .