Mistress Gaia – Servitude Part 1

Its Halloween season, and I so love embracing my dark side. Its a uniqueness I share with all of you. Here DungeonRoma I have been keeping this slave under lock and key for some time, and for the next few days Im going to use him for my pleasure. I have to make sure he is awkward, so I fully tie him in clingfilm. To make sure theres no escape. I also use pvc gauze to tightly truss his figure. I so love eyeing my mummified bitch wriggle and writhe in his tight bondage. I then take up my position on my throne, as I look down on him I know hes going to suffer. I begin by allowing him to kiss and lick my beautiful stiletto heels. Then I remove my shoes, and quickly begin to smother him. As my beautiful feet press tightly over his mouth and face, all my bitch can do is try to gasp for air. I know he will be extremely hot in his clingfilm pvc bondage, and Im going to make sure he gets a lot hotter. I continue to smother him with my feet, and ignore his muffled pleas for mercy. This is the first day of his punishment, and I will enjoy keeping him all wrapped up in .