Mistress Gaia – Silky Smother

Today DungeonRoma I have a slave in restrain bondage. My bitch is tightly tied to the bed with his arms outstretched. I have his head in a very awkward position, as its not supported on the bed. This is deliberate, as hes been providing me some back talk and Im going to instruct him to be quiet and shut him up. As you can see Im wearing a beautiful pair of silky pantyhose, I so love the voluptuous feeling they bring to my beautiful long gams. Fortunately for my bitch, he too is going to experience that sensuality as I quickly squeeze his head and neck between my powerful thighs. As he tries to breath, I place my hand over his mouth and hold his nose. Theres no escape as he desperately tries to breath. Tighter and tighter my legs grip his head and his eyes begin to bulge. Im having so much fun watching my bitch try to breath. Hes not so chatty now, as I continue to change positions and tightly squeeze his head between my legs. Im sure he will learn his lesson, as he gasps for air during my punishing silky .