Mistress Gaia – Sissy Abuse

Im with my mistress friends, and we are going to train a obedient hooker. We are all relieving and call him over. After he has slurped my boots, I order him to lay on his back on the floor, and we all determine to make good use of him as our footstool. Part of his training is obedience, he embarks to make some noise so we determine to shut him up with some foot gagging. One of my friends also liquidates her boot and puts her sock in his mouth. We all laugh at his muffled attempts to protest. Then we decide to take a look at his cock. On removing his panties, we find another cause for laughter. His mini apology for a cock cant even be seen. I try to make it stand using my stiletto, however nothing happens. We continue to torment and humiliate him, and I take some nice photos of his tiny cock to post on social media. Finally we tell him to go back to his corner and wait until we need him again. Its been great fun as we amused ourselves with some sissy .