Mistress Gaia – Sluts Last Gasp

I have a slave that has been answering me back. After several warnings, he still thinks he can speak without my permission. I have determined to penalize my disobedient whore. I put him in a Zentai suit, and lie him face down on a table. I also placed a taut stocking mask over his head. I so love eyeing the shiny silky fabric become part of his face, as he gasps for breathe. I then put a taut ballgag on him to shut him up. I dont want my bitch to have too much movement and I need him to suffer. Using ankle and wrist binders along with a chain, I put him in a hog-tie. To make sure its enormously taut, I fasten his chain to the suspension cable, and raise his arms and gams into the air. He is now badly and entirely fucked, and at my grace. With his muted gasping for breath, I leave him to fight and wriggle while I attend to some business matters. I arrive back and my bitch thinks hes going to be set free. Not His penalty must proceed. I remove his hood and put a tight collar around his neck. I then get the end of the stocking mask, and pull it until his head and neck are painfully stretched. What a blast!! To keep him in that uncomfortable position, I tie the end of the stocking mask to his hogtie cable. My squealing slut is helpless and gasping, as the stocking mask tightens around his head and face even more. Im going to make him understand the meaning of suffering in silence. I remove his ballgag and he thinks hes going to have some relief. Not With my hands clasped around his mouth, I give him some hand over mouth smothering. He desperately tries to breathe, and struggles as I tighten my grip. I continue to smother, and tease him with some foot and ass worship. I know hes getting exhausted and becoming desperate. He should have thought about that when he was answering me back. Its too late for my bitch. Im in no mood to release him, and I put his ballgag back on and make it nice and tight. I then zip him up inside his Zentai hood, and watch the material cling to his face as he gasps for breath. I will leave him there to suffer overnight, with the knowledge that perhaps this may be my sluts last .