Mistress Gaia – Smothering Latex Punishment

I so love making my slaves entirely vulnerable. I have determined to make sure this one is no different. I tie him in gauze with a stocking mask over his head to make sure he cant breath decently. I then lock his head in place with my special equipment, a choker around his neck. I have accomplish control, and slave is going nowhere. As I caress his head he shivers and knows there is much suffering to come. This will not be effortless for slave. I am going to make sure he remembers what I do to him. I begin slowly with hand over mouth smother. Slave helplessly gasps for air. He only gets what I allow. Not much! He struggles to the sound of my latex sheet being placed over his head and knows there is no escape. I pull it so tight around his face its like a second skin. I enjoy his struggling and squealing as I make sure he doesnt get air. As I continue his punishment, all he can do is GASP wondering if each one will be his last. As I have plenty of time, and having so much fun. This will be a long day for slave.