Mistress Gaia – Sonny’s Raw Ass

Custom-built REQUEST - The scene should be that the mother is waiting for him at home. She calls him telling that as soon as he arrives, she is going to give him a hitting as he has not returned on time. The step-son comes in and the mother very first spanks him and scolds him, while he remains silent. Then she switches and puts on her pajamas and slippers. Then she takes him by the forearm and spanks him a duo of time before walking him over to the bed. Then she makes him sit down and tells him that she must punish him for his own good, and that he will remain at home all evening. She then puts him over her knees and severely spanks him with her wooden spoon. Alternating with a couple of slaps and over the body. You hear a knock on the door, its his step-. She complains about the noise, and you explain to her that you are only playing with her step-. When you are finished with his punishment you order him to be confined to his .