Mistress Gaia – Spy Games Part 1

Custom-made REQUEST - The spy is brought in fully clothed and blindfolded. She is also cuffed behind her back and the interrogation embarks. She does not want to confess that she is a spy you pull her hair, slobber it in the face, smack her. However, she still does not confess and you promise her that life will be hard for her in prison. You throw a bucket of cold water on her, and as she is all raw you can see that through her raw blouse she is not wearing a hooter-sling. You rip off her blouse and start playing with her nipples. Then you tell her that she will have time to reflect in the cell. But first you will give her a taste of the torture she will undergo. Her shoes are removed, and her lags are placed on a small stand. You bind her feet together, also her big toes so theres no escape. You take a cane and begin to painfully whip her feet. When you think shes had enough you then return her to her .