Mistress Gaia – Struggle In His Tiny Prison

My slave has been a pest, and Im going to make sure he stays out of my way. I have a nice little prison cell that Im going to put him in for a few days. Its very puny, and stiflingly hot. Hell be enormously awkward to say the least. With him on his knees, I have him chained to the wall with a very strenuous chain. I also truss his forearms tightly behind his back with leather mittens. He cant escape, and Im going to leave him there to suffer. When I comeback the next day my tramp is very hot, and is utterly thirsty and greedy. He also pleaded with me to let him out of his little prison. I told him he could have a short reprieve, and he must do as I say. I get him to crawl out and he must remain on his knees. For his food, some left overs from the night before will do for him. I pour it onto the floor and he must eat it all. As he begins to eat, I decide to give him some assistance and scoop the food onto my feet. What a lucky bitch he is to be able to enjoy his meal from my feet. As I receive some business calls on my phone, I leave my bitch to lick the rest of his crumbs before putting him back in his tiny .