Mistress Gaia – Sugar Cane

Custom-built REQUEST - Your slave must gobble your dirty feet on the table as your sitting with the cane to palm. speaking in English you order him to munch your beautiful feet. If he doesnt do it decently, youll strike very hard with your cane. As he does not do a good job of slurping he must be penalized. You order him on his knees to the sofa and begin to strike him very hard. Then you once again order him to proceed to lick your feet. You tell him every time he gets it wrong, youll beat him mercilessly with your cane. If possible, when you beat him, I would like to see your closeups and soles while you are beating. After that you sit on a chair, and your slave must continue licking your soles under chair. With your legs crossed and slippers dangling, the cane lies on the table. Unfortunately for him, he still cant do a good job of licking your feet. You stand up and grabbing him by the ear, you pull him over to the chair. He must remain on the chair while you continue to severely beat his ass until it is black and blue. Finally, he must worship your feet licking and kissing them, before ordering him to finish by licking your .