Mistress Gaia – The Recruit

Today DungeonRoma I am going to spend some time with a trainee bitch, as he cant seem to understand basic military discipline. Hes so stupid and disobeys my orders. On questioning him as to why he has this problem. He answers with a mumble and I cant hear him decently. I determine to give him some quick discipline, and quickly have him on his back on the the floor. I can tell from his eyes that he thinks he is a wise booty. Not with I grab him by the mouth, and tightly squeeze. He panics and commences to fight. However, Im far too strong for him. I lock his arms underneath my powerful hips, and proceed to extract the breathe from him, as I grip his throat with both hands. He gargles and squirms, but theres no escape. Im going to make him suffer, and with my vice like grip I enjoy watching his eyes bulge, and his face turn a nice shade of purple as he chokes and gasps for air. He is learning a severe lesson, and I will change his attitude if he wants to continue to be a recruit in my military .