Mistress Gaia – Thirsty Ponyboy Bootlicker

I have been pony railing, and I arrive back at my studio with filth on my railing boots. Im not too sure if its pony dung from one of my horses. I dont want to inject my studio with dirty boots, fortunately I have my ponyboy waiting to be used and manhandled. I so love using my pony hooker whenever hes required. I order him to crawl over to my doorway, so that I can sit on his back and use him as my little pony to take me over to my sofa. I sit down and display him his task. My pony fuckslut is going to slurp all the dung from my beautiful leather boots. At very first he begs me to permit him to use some cloths. Of course I want my whore to suffer, so hes going to use his tongue to lick my boots until they are perfectly clean. As we begin, he seems to be having some trouble. I think its the smell as he has a little balk. I tell him he has to swallow the dung, and give him a couple of slaps on the head to make sure he understands. Im thirsty, and I open a bottle of water. As I look down on my slut, I notice he cant get all the muck off with his tongue. So I allow him the luxury of using some of my water. I give him a bowl, so he can wash my boots. As the dung particles are removed from my boots, the color of the water is disgusting. Eventually, with my boots almost clean my slut thinks hes finished his task. Not I want him to wash down the dirt that he swallowed earlier, so I order him to drink all the dirty water in the bowl. What a disgusting pony slut, I leave him to lick the residue mud and dung thats left on the .