Mistress Gaia – Tickle Punishment

- Custom-built REQUESTScene 1:Female has been caught doing felonies. She is suggested the choice inbetween police regular prison and your discipline. She chooses yours, because she is too startled to go to prison and she doesnt want any trouble. You bring her to Dungeon space Roma and interview her. You tell her that instead of going to prison for two years, she will spend three months being disciplined and disciplined by you. You tell her the rules are ordinary. She must address you as Mistress at all times, and never attempt to escape. Her penalty is mandatory, and she must accept everything that will be done to her. Before you begin, the prisoner has to sit a preliminary test. You get her to sit on the floor and liquidate her footwear, as she smells them you ask her if they stink. Because woman's with stinky feet get butthole torment. You then ask her stand up and drop her jeans and spread her gams and arse. As you examine her you ask her if she is ticklish, and would she like to be kittled. The doll replies yes mistress, and you tell her she is going to be penalized. You tell the prisoner to eliminate her top, then get on her knees and put her palms behind her back. You have a pair of handcuffs, and fasten them tightly around her wrists. Its time for the very first part of her kittle penalty, and you begin to kittle her assets with your fingers. The chick fights but cant escape your constant kittling. You then bring out a purple feather and show it to her. Telling her this will be used for the next part of her discipline. Scene 2. You take the prisoner to the gynecology table, where you get her to lie on her back with her feet in the stirrups fully exposing her pussy and ass. You then tightly bind her hands and feet. You also make sure her feet are kept in place as you tie a leather cord tightly around her toes. This will ensure her feet are kept in place to allow you to maximize the tickling torture. After finishing with her feet. As promised earlier, you then move on to her butthole as you use the feather to full effect tickling her and watchingher struggle as she tries to get free. Scene 3. After you finish with the Gynecology punishment. You then tell you prisoner that she will have to endure another punishment. You take her to the cage, where you blidfold and gag her. You then tell her to get on her knees and crawl inside. With her feet and hands protruding through the bars, you once again tightly bind them so she cant move. This is indeed a stressful position, and she will not enjoy this part of her punishment. With her feet and ass fully exposed you then begin to tickle her feet with the feather. After a while you tell her you have a surprise for her. You bring out a electric toothbrush, and begin to use it on her ass and pussy. She struggles and tries to squeal. However, her tight gag makes sure of her muted silence. Finally, you untie her and let her out of the cage. You tell her this is just a sample of her punishment, and she will experience more in the days and weeks to come. You then put her back in the cage where she will remain until you return the following .