Mistress Gaia – Toilet Nerd Exposed

Custom-built REQUEST - The scene embarks with your friend who is sitting calmly on the toilet intent on doing her needs. Obviously given she is a nerd, she never misses a chance to investigate, so she takes out her probe book from her backpack and embarks to do the tasks that the professor assigned for the next day. After a few minutes, since the college bathroom is a place with virtually no intimity, you come in, the Bulla of the school. Your friend gets frightened and asks you to leave telling you sorry but its busy, Im almost done, go away or I tell on you. Then you reaction her telling what the fuck do you do nerd in my toilet How dare you come and piss here? Then the poor chick, since she doesnt want any problems, says ok Ill leave just give me two minutes however, at some point you smell in the air and then you understand that the nerd is not urinating, but is taking a dunk! You then intervene with dont tell me you are relieving yourself in my toilet, it stinks terrible The embarrassed nerd attempts to justify herself and then you embark pushing her so much to make her fall from the toilet. Once shes on the floor, you leave her there without even providing her the chance to pull up her undies. Finally you sit on the toilet, calling her a nerd and coerce her to watch Also saying to her, I ate hot chili today in the cafeteria, now you must look at me while I do it. Dont dare to pull up your pants. You have to remain exposing your dirty ass in the air Theres something else you should know, here in school we all fuck your beloved boyfriend. Shes on her knees next to you almost in tears asking to stop, however you just want to continue to humiliate her a little longer. When you have finished relieving yourself. You allow he to sit back on the toilet while you take photos with your phone to show everyone on social media what a slut she .