Mistress Gaia – Two Useless Slaves

Today I have to deal with the two most stupid and worthless slaves I have ever had. I dont know what to do with them. I hard whipped one of the two you can still see the crimson marks on his figure but it was futile. The other one is a stinky tube of lard with a bird brain. Look, they are even incapable to clean my boots with their tongue! As dudes they are worthless too, with their flaccid dicklets that have never fucked a beaver. Now I want to have joy with them: I order them to suck each other cock. Its how expected: neither cock can get hard. Either they both are useless as cocksucker or they both are totally impotent. Lets see if they can cum jerking-off. At the end the fat one succeed in spurting his cum on the floor and on my boot. I order him to clean it with his tongue but this butterball dares to refuse. But nobody can disobey an order of Mistress Gaia!!!