Mistress Gaia – Upside Down Water Smother

This morning I had to do some business in town, therefore, I left my slave with the task of cleaning my basement. When I came back, I found this stupid slave mopping the floor but, instead of the dedicated bucket, he had packed with water and detergent one of my plastic containers, which I use to store my devices!!! Definitively, I need to refresh the brain of this empty head slave! And the best way is to thrust his head directly in the container, full of cold water, and leave it submerged, until he is despairingly gasping for air. Just a brief respite and then, down again.... and again.... and again. However this is not enough to reset his brain, but I have a better idea. I fasten him by the ankles to the elevate and I lift him upside down. Now its much lighter for me to plunge his head into the water and leave it there until he is totally out of breath and starts ingesting His arms are tied behind his back and he can do nothing to escape this inhuman treatment. The water is ice-cold, I see the fear in his eyes and, in the few seconds In which I let him breath, he despairingly pleads for grace. But its too late, I dont let myself to be moved and proceed to lift him up and then down into the water. His face is pallid, almost white, and he is on the edge of fainting. I stop only when I realize that, going any further, may have fatal consequences!!! P. S.: this is an extreme smother video not to be missed by any lover of this genre. WARNING: unless you are real experts in smother, trying to replicate what you see in this clip may have irreparable consequences!!!