Mistress Karame Wears Skintight Leggings While Sitting On Her See-through Toilet POV

I bought myself a semitransparent acrylic toilet and youre lounging under the toilet seat, right where you belong! I wear my skintight translucent leggings and a matching nylon jacket. Youre avidly waiting for me to take a seat, but you dont deserve the look of my naked bottom, slave! Packaged in my translucent leggings, I put my gorgeous divine arse on the toilet seat. But because you are at the bottom, you can stretch your slave tongue as you like, you cant reach my magnificent ass. To increase your desire even further I stand up occasionally and put my bare foot on the transparent toilet seat. Horny as you are, you would probably love to kiss and lick those feet, am I right, slave? No way! You may look at, but certainly not touch your goddess! You do not deserve to touch my divine body. You may watch and dream of touching me, while your desire grows to immeasurable heights! mistress dominatrix femdom toiletslave leggins barefeet POV.