Mummywrapped Footsmeller

In our latest clips we manhandled Rosies nose and tongue with stinky feet pretty hard, she has to have her vengeance sessions. Since they are so scrace, she always makes them as kinky as possible. This time she had Candy under her chair, packaged in black plastic from ankles to shoulders, totally vulnerable. Rosie takes off her old VANS and puts them onto Candys nose, to give her samples of the coming nasal torment. Even tho' Candy knew she was about to smell indeed stinky feet, the very first sniffs shocked her. No escape now, no turning back! Rosie put her feet right into her face and ordered her to take lungfuls of her disgustingly stinky socks! She wore these socks for days long, in putrid reeking boots just to make her suffering bad enough to recall! Candy attempts to hold her breath, but Rosie keeps her feet under her nose until she inhales the cheesy stink. Later, Rosie takes off the damp, stinky socks to expose the next stage of punishment: her sweaty, foul smelling, unkept bare feet! She skipped pedicure sessions for a while to make her soles even more punishing. With her toes covered in sticky, sweaty sock fuzz and toejam in between, the bare sight of her feet is pretty dreadful, and they smelled really bad, too! Wrapped like a mummy, Candy couldnt defend her pretty face from the sweaty soles assaulting her nose, no matter how suffering it was, she had to keep smelling them. Other available formatsHD WMV.