My Slave May Lick My Naked Feet

My slave had the elementary task of cleaning the floor in my house, which he didnt do. Unsuspicious, I walked barefoot through the house. Since I have such beautiful feet with brightly lacquered crimson toenails, it would be a shame not to parade them! But because my slave is stupid and lazy, the feet of my feet are dirty now! I already know who has to clean my feet as a penalty. As soon as I sit cosily on the chair, my slave comes crawling. A little later his slave tongue glides over the feet of my feet. I very much hope that the mess on my feet is nutritious, because my slave wont be getting anything else to eat, he doesnt deserve it. While I inform my slave about his fresh diet, he greedily licks the soles of my feet. I get the impression that this kind of work is no punishment at all for the slave, he seems to enjoy licking my feet way too much. After he has properly licked my feet clean, I will definitely have to punish my slave. The question is whether I should use the cane or the carpet beater to chastise him? mistress dominatrix femdom feet barefeet footworship.