Nipple Torture And Boiled Balls

Lady Chanel and I have some joy tormenting the slave with violet wand today. I harshly tweak his puffies with the machine and increase the voltage afterwards. While he has to suffer truly bad we relieve, smoke a cigarette and use him as our human ashtray. But thats not enough and so we are also going to punish him with our heels. While doing so he moans because of the intense pain - and the further increased electricity! Then we decide to test the electricity at another part of his his balls! We are going to boil his balls with electricity! Lady Chanel takes care of it and puts the amplifiers right at his pathetic bag. The slave isnt very amused but this just let us have more fun! We torture his balls with electricity and dig our spiky high heels deep into his skins and nipples at the same with more and more power after time! Im sure his nipples and balls wont ever forget this .