Pastel Goddess – You Only Eat What My Body Gives You

I love watching food tutorials on my phone! Im just calming when I get a indeed joy idea. Im going to prize Kitten for eating all of his meals by permitting him to munch my honeypot and be my but Im going to taunt him the entire time! I know Kitten misses eating real food. Hes been on a rigorous diet of my bodily waste for like 6 months. I swoon over delicious recipes that I want to make, describing how delicious they look to him. He sobs because he knows he will never get to taste deep fried food or sweets ever again. I attempt to cheer him up. He gets to taste my pussy when hes good! And hes lucky he gets to eat from my I could feed him nothing at all. After almost 10 minutes of sitting on my poor slave, he begins to lose air. He panics underneath me. It really upsets me so I slap him around. I try to sit on my slave again, but Ive weakened him too much. I demote him to my foot stool and continue to tease him for his diet. I tell him I might cut him off of food entirely for a few days to appreciate my kindness more. I know hell be begging me to feed him. He needs me to live. Contains toilet humiliation, pussy licking, ass licking, face sitting, big ass, chastity tease, toilet slavery, breath play, face slapping, human furniture, foot stool, verbal humiliation, bbw. smother.