Pizza La Marissa – Extreme Slave Meal

I know the slave is very thirsty - and Im taunting him by eating a delicious pizza in front of him - well, at least most of it. The last slice is for him - but of course he is not supposed to love his meal like I did - and Ill make sure he doesnt love it! I throw the slice on the ground, step on it with my dirty winter boots and drool on it a duo of times as well. Then he is permitted to take the very first few bites off my shoe soles. In the meantime I light up a cigarette and watch him as he struggles to get the disgusting mess out of the boots treaded sole. But Im going to be even more mean... I drop the cigarettes ash on his food as well, spit on it some more and even put my cigarette out on the crushed spit-covered pizza remains! Bon appetit, Loser!