Punished Roughly By 2 Ladies

Together with Lady Chanel Im going to penalize the slave in a very rough and hard way today. I will use all my practice whipping him and hit the butt of my slave with full power. I truly love the sounds when the whip hits the skin of the slave while the slave whines in the meantime because of so much agony. Lady Chanel also penalizes him without grace and uses a railing crop to brutally hit him. Slaves have one purpose only: To serve! And all slaves who cant perfectly fulfill this task needs some rough punishment - which we will demonstrate at this loser today. And of course YOU also exactly know what to do now - dont ever dare to disagree with me! You have to absolutely obey me! Or I will mercilessly hit you! And now you are going to get and watch the clip so you exactly know how to execute my orders! Come on!