Rosie’s Revenge

Enough is enough, Rosie is just fed up with being enslaved and abjected all the time. At least a dozen times she had to suffer Candys stinky, sweaty feet in her face, now its her time to avenge the manhandle! She tricked her into restrain bondage, all Candys limbs and neck are tied by leather straps and chains to the pentagram on the floor, leaving her more defenseless than she has ever been! This could have been more than flawless to begin her torment, but Rosie had even better plans! She simply left Candy in the empty room, tied to the floor with no idea where she has gone, and when shell come back. Rosie ran for like half an hour around the block, sockless in her stinkiest old VANS, in the deadliest of summer warmth! She arrived back totally socked in her sweat, crimson face and veins pulsing on her neck. She took off the boots and instantly made Candy smell the stink of her feet. She fondled the salty sweat into her face and laughed at her. Candy attempted to maintain her dignity, but vainly, her abasement went on record! She had no chance but to inhale the reeking stench of Rosies feet. But she hasnt been tied up for a few sniffs, she had to put her tongue into work, too! Rosie made her lick all the salty sweat off her soles, and according to Candy, they had a terrible taste! Other available formatsHD WMV.