Slavegirl Drinks Urine Collected In 4 Days

Ive determined to gather my hubby and my urine in 4 days. My slave doll will come and drink it all. What a smell of urine, pissing my spouse, piss more. About a liter turned out. Ah that slave dame now drink all. We with husband collected piss for you. Drink, swallow. I didnt say rinse your mouth, swallow. Open your mouth, show me what you swallowed. Here, have another drink. What a stinking, rancid piss, smells so bad. Drink, youre a slave girl, so you have to do what youre told. Pee Smeared all over the body to make you stink. Wash in pee, youll dress that smelly and go home. Come on, finish your drink, lap up what you spilled from the floor.