Smothered Under My Stinky Socks

Ive been wearing these white socks for days - and theyre not only stinky but pretty dirty as well by now. The loser has to lie down on the couch as I burry his nose under my socks. I put some duct-tape over his mouth to make sure he can only breathe through his nose - then shove my stinky socks on his nose again! I give him the choice - getting throttled or being permitted to breathe - through the stinky socks! Hes whining so much while Im just laughing my butt off - so funny to see him suffer like that! I also put a cushion on his face and sit down on top to strangle him - or simply use my mitts! Then its time for the big finale - I grab a roll of cling wrap, take off my stinky socks and put them on his nose - then wrap his entire head in cling wrap. Now theres no way for him to escape the sock smell and I send him off to take care of the dishes! :-D I speak some German in this clip - but its effortless to understand and the activity speaks for itself as usual ;- This is a non-exclusive custom-built clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom-built clip for you contact me at com!