Spitting And Chewing Gum Humiliation

The youthful and voluptuous Phoenix Domina is the starlet of this fabulous movie yes, we are very proud of it!. She is able to demonstrate in a unique clip the uncountable shades of the Slobbering World. At the beginning of this Simply Abominable clip, you will see her chewing a bubble gum both for producing a large amount of slaver in the mouth Buddys face will be the target of her drools! and for the subtle pleasure of sticking the gum on her slaves face. During eight minutes of intense spitting action, poor Buddy will be turned into a human spittoon, a laughingstock, a perfect target for faceslaps, insults, mocking and humiliation. In this dirty Bdsm session he will be completely covered by tons of spits. Directly in the mouth. Dropped from above. Collected in a glass. Put and literally spread on Buddys a sort of face masks made of spits, a new spitting formula that helps to protect and hydrate the skin of a slave. Then, the grand finale: the young red-haired mistress puts a lot of bubble gums in her mouth in order to create a giant monstrous ball of gums obviously, Buddy has to swallow it! and complete her wet mission with the last rain of spits!