Stranger Licks Muddy Hunter Boots

This movie is a true bootlickers gem. It has Hunter boots, muddy, dirty and most importantly the beautiful Lady Karame in it. Movie starts with Lady Karame loving the nice weather. She has her sexy white Hunter boots on and simply looking around until she catches sight of this defenseless pathetic man walking by. She calls him and this poor unaware man is blessed to get this beautiful womans attention. But almost instantaneously he is ordered to clean the muddy rubber boots. With his tongue of course. It is a privilege to eat Lady Karames boots and this man is certainly lucky to have the permission to do so. He starts by licking the sides of the boots with long strokes to the top. You can see Lady Karame really enjoying getting her boots licked clean by this worthless worm. The boots are so dirty and covered with mud that after licking them for 4 minutes they are still dirty. This slave ends up eating a lot of dirt while achieving nothing. Except entertaining Lady Karame. He does not know the surprise waiting for him at the .