Suck The Taste Out Of My Stinky Socks

These sneakers give my feet a strong, intense stink! My slave tests the smell with a quick sniff. he can already tell how ripe my feet are! Excellent! I can torment and humiliate him with them. I order him to take off my boots. Im wearing extra dirty socks and make him inhale them deeply. Theyre so filthy you can clearly see the imprint of my toes in them. This makes me wonder, do my socks taste as cheesy as they smell? I have an idea. Ill give my slave a very special task. Hes going to test the taste! I make him suck on my socks until all the mud is gone. I want to see them back to their original colour! Thats truly digusting. Suck them, slave! He deepthroats the mud off the socks, eating it and inhaling the cheesy stink. It can hardly be more abjecting for him, haha!