The School Slave

Aito lay vulnerably on the floor, surrounded by two brutal mistresses. He had disobeyed them once, and now he was going to get the supreme penalty of being the human toilet. Tsumugi shoved him plane on the floor and ordered him not to stir a muscle. It was his very first time to see an pucker this close, and he realized that it was moving, heaving the fierce mistress was taking a dump! The warm turd splatted on upper lip and mouth, and its juices began flowing down his eyes. The turd was extremely warm and sticky, and smelled nice in a sickly sweet sort of way. She had three small sausages for him, and as he twisted to a good chew on the shit, his cruel mistress began peeing where he lay. The warm, salty soup flooded the entire place it was astonishing how much piss she could release in one go, and she smiled at him as he knew that more was in store for him that day.