Tough Tasks

Everybody who ever had the honor of being permitted to perform tasks for me knows, that my harsh requests take you over the edge, right? So why dont you dare to send me those abjecting picture proofs I asked you for ? I am sick of all those customers who just buy my clips as some kind of masturbate off material. Youre a slave! You are my implement, my puppet, my plaything and today -once and for all times- you will prove it to me. Today I will fuck you over and I want you to do what you are told. I dont care how you get it done - as long as you do it. This clip is interactive and has 2 possible endings: A good ending for me of course as well as a bad ending for you. Thats pretty fair, isnt it ? At least I make sure that I will get my amusement the one way or another! Youll find both endings in my clipstore.