Trampling 184

Bathtubs Martyrdom! Masochistic Princess Nicole and Taunting Princess Scarlet have their feet washed by their house slave in the bathtub. Meantime, the two superior youthfull ladies on a caprice get the idea of a pecial torment for him. Again and again they press his head under water with their feet. Ultimately they rise with full weight on him and trample him under the water. They shove his head underwater and count down how long he has to stay down. Then Maskenjoe has to say who is heavier of the two. Of course every answer is bad for him! The two sadistic princesses stand on top of him and on his head. They press his head under the water he gets no more air. Complete Facestanding under water! They both stand alternately with full weight on his face while he is underwater. They insults and humiliate him verbally all the time. Only when they see him completely exhausted near the end and moaning out of the water it pleases the two sadists really. They laugh at him and clap off because of the great fun.