Trampling The Loser’s Hands In The Skate Park

Oh, this skate park is providing me so many options to trample the losers forearms! Very first, he has to put them on the concrete platform and Im trampling his palms and leap on them a few times. Then I order him to put his arms on the skew and step on both of his arms, lift my foot from one forearm and demand that he places it lower on the skew, step on it, lift the other one and repeat until were at the bottom! Next, I step on a metal railing and order him to put his fingers around it - then obviously trample them under my converse soles as well - leaving the nice waffle pattern all over his fingers! For the finale I order him to put his hands on the stairs, then walk up the stairs and jump down on his hands... first with only 2 steps difference, then with 3 steps difference and finally with 4 steps difference!