Trampling You In The Forest Parking Lot

There you are - on time at the parking lot - and as a prize youre permitted to lay down next to the car in the mess - so I can trample you! How do you like my sexy boots? The tread right in front of your eyes, as I walk over your face?! Yes, I know that hurts a lot - but witnessing your mistress from this perspective surely makes up for it, dont you think? But that was only the embark! These sharp-edged high-heeled slippers and the tread of the feet will leave some nice marks on your cheeks and your forehead - especially when I leap on your face! What the people, that walk by, will think of you - seeing how youre lying in the dirt and getting trampled?! And youll stay on the ground, as I get into the car - and who knows, maybe Ill drive over you a couple of times while maneuvering out of the parking spot!