Trampling Your Face Under Nylons And High Heels

Well, slave, do you like this view? And are you blessed, that Im wearing only nylons, without boots? Maybe you can attempt to sniff them as I walk over your face! How does it feel when I stand on your face with my full weight?! Oh, this already hurts? Then Ive bad news for you... because this was only the very first part... for the 2nd part Ill put on my fresh sexy high high-heeled shoes - yes, the ones with the very skinny heels :-D Take a look at them - youll now get to see them very up close... and youll get to feel them as well! The thin heels will leave nice marks all over your face! How does it feel when they dig deep into your flesh? Are you afraid they might pierce your eyes?! Then better hold still - you dont want me to slip, do you? Who knows what these heels would do when I slip!