Two Girls One Bowl

Tsumugi and Ahmya sat beside each other, drinking coffee and noshing cake in front of the manlet slave. Tsumugi chewed her cake loudly and sloppily, savouring the sweet texture of the pastry in her mouth. Soon enough, it turned to paste, and began kittling her mouth. Tsumugi grabbed a cup and began slobbering the pasty cake out, making sure that she got a lot of her drool mixing with the yellow slop. When she had a good volume of spat cake in the cup, she lowered the cup to the ground and gripped the slaves leash. The slave, an old man, flattened his face against the slimy cake slobber, making sure that he got most of it in his mouth. Unsatisfied, Ahmya pulled down her undies and packed the bowl with her piss. Her powerful, salty stream mixed well with the pasty pastry, and a warm, golden soup emerged. Tiny puffs of cake floated to the top of the piss soup, and the slave immediately set upon the soup with his face, slurping everything up. The salty sweet concoction soothed his thirsty throat, and before he could finish, Ahmya hocked large globs of snot and spat it at the bottom of the bowl to mix with the straggling bits of cake. The slave smiled inwardly as he gobbled up the still warm snot from the bottom of the clear, glass bowl.