Unaware Toilet Slave For Partygirls

Custom-built RequestJimmy has been permanently wooing his fresh Room Mate Violet that the toilet water is being turned off for repairs! When ever the water goes off Jimmy likes her piss secretly without her knowing! This custom-made request however was Exceptionally RISKY! Jimmy convinces Violet and her BFF Sarah that he is going out to a party for the night, and that the plumbing will be off! He also tells them that he is staying at a friends so he wont be around! Because of the inconvenience, and because she has a guest over, Jimmy sets up the toilet chair in his bedroom, so that way the woman's dont need to sit awkwardly in the shower! The real movie starts with Jimmy, slipping on a mask with mouth and nose fuckholes and then LAYING UNDER HIS BED, packaged in a blanket! AND UNDER THE TOILET CHAIR! There is some darkness as he waits for the girls to return! You can hear them come in, talking and taking off their shoes! Violet even reminds her friend, that they need to use the camping toilet in my bedroom! One by one they come in and piss all over Jimmys Face COMPLETELY UNAWARE! You can almost hear him choking as he sucks down the pee! Both girls have no idea he is under them! When they are finished, Jimmy begins to clean up quietly, but then the video cuts again! Jimmy heard Violet get up and start doing something in the kitchen late at night! He quickly gets back under the chair JUST IN TIME for Violet to enter again and PISS AGAIN wearing just her panties!