Wrapped Sickening Taste

When sweaty enough, Dorothys feet can get unbearably stinky and have a heinous taste. Thats why Clarissa hates doing idolize scenes with her, but since she is still our most tormented victim here, she simply has to! This time we boosted that awful taste a bit: Dorothy had her feet packaged to coserve all her stinky sweat for the adore session. Once her feet out of the wrap, Clarissa instantly gets disgusted, but she has to get on her knees and slurp her feet anyway. No fake stuff, she has to use her full tongue and press it hard against Dorothys feet to meet our requests! With submissive, steady lashes of her tongue she thoroughly cleans off all the sweat from her heels, soles and even the top of her feet. She is in total disgust and almost throws up from the sickening taste but keeps licking just as she had been told to. Not a moment rest is allowed for her, the only way she can steal a few seconds rest is by swallowing all the sweat gathered in her mouth. Well, a fair deal by me! Other available formatsHD WMV.