You Should See This

You should see this! This is a very sweet movie! Close-up shot on HD camera and you can love all the details of Christines crap consistency. In this clip, amazing sounds of farting and a big pile of poo that Christina saved up for 2 days! Christina suffered for a long time and liked very much when they poured my nectar into my mouth, then there was my work.. This is the worst thing for an ordinary person - your mouth is packed with crap and covered with its ass! Shit penetrated deep into my nostrils and got into my eyes - this is really close contact, after which it is very difficult to wash off! First, Christina ordered me to lick her shoes, I with great pleasure licked her heel and sole, for a long time I did not lick her shoes.. nostalgia! Christine actively moved the heel in my mouth and scratched the delicate mucous of my mouth.